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📽 Emily in Paris premiered on Netflix, which tells the story of a young woman in the Marketing field who leaves Chicago, in the United States, to work at an agency in Paris, France. 🗼
The series presents several marketing solutions that we can be inspired by.
Check out:

1- Research public opinion: she suggests creating a poll on Twitter to get to know the public’s opinion and encourage them to be part of the campaign.


2- Co-Branding: at various moments in the series Emily uses strategic contacts to create partnerships between brands and generate business opportunities.


3- Olfactory branding: for me one of the best moments of the series. She highlights the importance of provoking the senses to awaken memories and feelings, suggesting the creation of a fragrance for a hotel. Using as an example “when you are selling a house the one thing you should do is bake cookies, the smell reminds people of home… and a happy place.”


4- Crisis management: the series shows crisis and unforeseen situations that are transformed into an opportunity by Emily.


5- Real-time: Emily takes advantage of real-time opportunities to generate more engagement with brands.



6- Stay on top of news: the agency lost contracts for being considered outdated, Emily brought clients back for being attentive to news and creating digital strategies that generated the visibility that brands needed.


7- Brand image: when Emily proposes to advertise for a champagne brand using the idea of “spray” in celebrations, she suggests creating a sub-brand so as not to impact the sophisticated image of the current.


8- Think outside the box: she is not afraid to innovate and create creative solutions to promote the products.

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